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Mobile Nurse Practitioners for your Aged Care Facilities, Home Care, Mental Health and all your vaccination needs.

About Us

Mobile Nurse Practitioners provides medical and nursing services in the clinic, aged care, care and support for patients as they recover from surgery or an illness, or if they require daily assistance in activities of life as they are adapting to life-changing circumstances through infirmity or disability. We provide travel and all other types of vaccination as recommended by the Australian National Immunization Program along with mental health services for people with a history of substance abuse.

We employ highly qualified and well-trained nursing professionals who can deliver healthcare according to Australian standards. Our quality assurance policy dictates ongoing and specialized training. Our staff participates in regular training sessions to keep them up to date with new protocols of care provision so they can deliver the best quality of care for our patients.

Our company is based on four core organizational principles: honesty, reliance, service, and accountability.

At Mobile Nurse Practitioners, we inculcate collaboration, truthfulness, respect, and empowerment in our staff. We endeavor to reflect these values in our workplace and how we perform our work tasks.


  • Our workers always keep this in mind that it is a patient’s basic right to be treated with compassion, respect, and dignity.
  • We believe in communication with the patients, the community, and among ourselves.
  • We constantly brainstorm new ideas to make our patient care better.
  • Staff members, patient relatives and those around them are treated with respect and dignity.


  • We have built a people-centered organization and firmly believe in our people.
  • Our staff members work together in teams to provide the best care for you.
  • Our team members are accountable and display our organization’s core values in their conduct.


  • We want to restore the public’s confidence in their local healthcare services.
  • We want to create an open communication to promote cooperation and confidence.
  • We constantly take feedback on our performance through patient and employee surveys.


  • We encourage staff members to make decisions and employ innovative techniques for better patient care.
  • We realize that with independent decision making, responsibility and liability comes directly on the nurses.
  • We utilize our abilities and resources to deliver the best care possible to our patients.
  • Although we follow our leaders we also believe that everyone should be empowered enough to make a change in the workplace.

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